Archiving Disability Arts
Oral History
Goodwill Messages

Work to date includes:

2013        Advising NDACA on issues relating to clearing copyright on Disability Arts in London for Creative Commons.

2012        Editorial advice to African Foundation for Development on speech being delivered to the United Nations General Assembly.

2011         Focus group with disabled people as part of 'Bad News for Disabled people: How the newspapers are reporting disability' by the Strathclyde Centre for Disability Research and Glasgow Media Group.

2008-10    Auditing the archives of the National Disability Arts Forum and the London Disability Arts Forum when their organisations closed down and managing their transfer to NDACA.  Work carried out by Allan Sutherland, liaising with Hayley Davies of NDACA.

2006         Evaluation of the Direct Payments service in Poole, Dorset by Allan Sutherland, Professor Peter Beresford and Michael Shamash.

2004        Paper 'What sort of archive' for 'Thinking Aloud' discussion day.  This paper introduced the idea of a dispersed archive which has been part of NDACA strategy ever since.

2003-4     Consultation with disabled people for the Disability Rights Commission.  This work was carried out by an all-disabled team of academics and others, including Allan Sutherland (Project Manager), Professor Peter Beresford, Michael Shamash, Professor John Swain, Sally French and the Centre for Deaf Studies, University of Bristol.  

        It subsequently won the Brunel University/FusePR award for research of social impact.  The judges commented that 'The panel was particularly impressed by the novelty of the study, the impact this made on government thinking and its potential to inform future policy in this field for the benefit of disabled people'.

2003         Creating the Chronology of Disability Arts, the key tool for anyone wishing to study the history of Disability Arts.